togekissss: 17, 42, 43, 58, 65

17. What are you doing at 12:30 this afternoon? Working while bitching and wanting to go home
42. Who do you go to when you need to talk to someone? My best friend Makeyla, she’s basically my sister
43. Have you ever been taken to the emergency room in an ambulance? Nah man
58. Have you ever slapped someone in the face? Once but his hands were going where I said they shouldn’t so
65. Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile? Yeah but damn I don’t know where it’s going


reasons i tend to not talk

  • people always interrupt me to tell another story because apparently my story isn’t good enough for their ears
  • i sound like an idiot who just learned to talk two hours ago
  • people seem disinterested in what i’m saying
  • i hate my voice
  • i don’t want to annoy anyone
  • i repeat because this happens a lot: people interrupt me and never let me finish and i feel really shitty about myself because no one seems to want to listen to me
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